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About us

The Company is registered in České Budějovice as Alimpek spol. s r.o., and it has been manufacturing its products and selling them in the Czech market since 1994.


We develop and prepare mixtures, fillings and preparations for bakery and confectionery production, gastronomic and fast food operations.

At present we offer more than 60 different products. We export to Slovakia, where we have our subsidiary company, to Hungary, Italy and other countries in Europe. Our products are based on our own recipes according to the requirements and tastes of our Czech and foreign customers.

We use Czech raw materials and preparations as well as special ingredients imported from our foreign suppliers. These raw materials and our products are continuously tested by our own laboratories and verified by accredited independent laboratories. We are a company whose quality management system complies with the ISO 9001:2001 requirements, verified by the independent certification body BVQI. All our bakery products are prepared in our own technological workshop.

The qualities of taste, appearance, price and other parameters of our bakery products, including popularity among customers, are practically tested in our retail outlet, the baker’s shop Alimpek.

This craft bakery was given a Customer Satisfaction award in 2005, given by the Association of Czech Consumers. We use packaging materials from renowned manufacturers and we are involved in the EKO-KOM system. We have been a member of the Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic since 2002 and are also a member of the South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce. We have regularly exhibited at SALIMA Fairs since we started our business and in 2004 we were awarded the Golden Salima for a gluten free bread mixture PROCELIA®. Our products Farmers’ Bread and Wheat-Maize bread was awarded 2nd prize at the 12th European Bread competition in Austrian Wells in 2003.

Our aim is customer prosperity and consumer satisfaction.

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